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A visa document is the permission given by the legal authorities of a country to either stay in that country or travel to that country. It is also a document that is stamped on a person’s passport by the embassy of that country. Most of the times, people have to go through an interview that is held at the embassy in order to get a visa. Touristic visa, also known as nonimmigrant visa, allows you to temporarily enter a country for business, tourism, visiting or pleasure purposes.

How Professional Translation Services help you apply Apply a Visitor or Touristic Visa

In your planning a trip to Portugal, the first thing you need to check is, if your passport is still valid. All the travelers will require a passport valid for at least 90 days before your departure date. It is strongly recommended to travel within 6 months from your passport validity date. Secondly, you need to make sure that your passport has blank visa pages in order to allow for any necessary stamps for arrival or departure. Lastly, you need to confirm with your airlines, if there are any connecting flights on the way to Portugal.Want to file for a visitor or touristic visa in Portugal, check with the Portuguese Visa Documentation Translation Services. Also take help from the Documents Translation Services, if you are new in Portugal and are not aware of the language here. Let’s have a look at how you can easily apply for a visitor or touristic visa.

Schedule an Interview

The first thing you need to do is, schedule an appointment for an interview, at the embassy or the consulate in the country where you live. If you are 13 or younger than that, it is not essential for you to go for an interview. Similarly, if you are 80 years or older than that, then also, you are not eligible for the interview. Only people, whose age is from 14 to 79, are the candidates that can schedule an appointment and go for it.

How long it will take to get an interview appointment can depend on the location and the category of the visa you have applied for.

Prepare Your Interview

You will have to pay a non-refundable visa application fee before you go for an interview. Try to think about all the types of questions that can be asked by the person who is entitled to take your interview. You can also consult with a specialist relating to this issue. There are a lot of consultants who have specialized in this field and will be completely willing to help you out with the interview for just a certain amount of fees.

There are a lot of people who cannot read and understand the Portuguese language. What they can do is, make use of the best quality Language Translator Services to help them out. In addition to all this, you can also hire the Portuguese Visa Documentation Translation Services, if you want to apply for a visitor or touristic visa.

Gather Required Documentation

Before you go for your visa interview, you need to gather and prepare certain required documents. The documents that you will be required at the time of your interview as mentioned below.

  • A valid passport: Your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months above the period of your stay in that country.
  • Nonimmigrant visa application form has to be fulfilled.
  • A receipt ensuring that your application fee has been paid.
  • Recent photograph: You can either upload your photo while completing the online application form or bring along one recent photograph in the format that is required.

Attending Your Visa Interview

During your visa interview, the consular officer will decide if you are qualified to receive a visa, and if so, which category is appropriate based on the purpose of your travel. Digital fingerprint scans, that are ink-free, will then be taken as a part of your application process. These are usually taken during the interview but once again totally depending on the country.

After you are done with the visa interview, your application form may require some further administrative processing. The consular officer will inform you if there has to be any further processing. When the visa has been approved, you may require paying a visa insurance fee, only if applicable. Last but not the least, the consular officer then, informs you when you will receive your passport with the visa stamped on it.