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In any common law jurisdictions, a court document is just like a trial court where a record of the entire proceedings relating to the trial is made by an authorized clerk.  This written record, along with all the other evidence is maintained till the end of the trial. Several courts have explicit set of rules for everyone to follow. On the other hand, in those courts where records are not maintained, verbal proceedings are recorded and the judge finalizes his/her decision based on only the notes or memory.

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Under the Middle-East constitution, all defendants are found innocent until they are proven guilty. All trials are open to the public except for the trials regarding national security where the honorable judge listens to the hearing in private, if there is any evidence, demonstration or results that are harmful for the society.

All the proceedings are delivered in their native language except for the sentencing part; translators are available for those people who are not fluent in the Arabic language. If you want to know more about the court proceedings in the Middle East, use the Arabic Court Documentation Translation Services.

Documents Translation Services is also available online to translate the specific language you are looking for thus, making it easier for you to understand. There are a few circumstances where an employee is liable to sue his employer. Most of the employers are immune to lawsuits filed by the employee the reason being they are protected by the compensation laws. However, there are always some exceptions for specific situations and conditions.

Failure to Pay Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In every state, the employers are given workers’ compensation insurance. According to certain rules, the employee that has been injured does not have to prove the negligence of the employer. His injury is enough for the workers’ compensation to pay his medical bills, other expenses and the salary that was not given because of the injury. In return for all this, the injured employee gives up the right to file a lawsuit against his employer.

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Wrongful Termination

In almost all the states the at-will law of employment is followed. This is a legal document where both the employer and the employee are totally free to end their employment relationship at any time without any reason. There are several wrongful termination exceptions which include:

  • Violation of an implicit or written employment contract
  • Violation of an employers’ guarantee of trust and fair dealing
  • Violation of public policy

When these exceptions are proved, the wrongfully terminated employee can file a lawsuit against his employer. In these cases, the employer has to pay for all the wages that have been lost, legal fees, mental torture and also severe damages.

Employers Intentional Conduct

Although the workers’ compensation laws prohibit the employees from filing a lawsuit against the employers, exceptions can be made when the employer shows exceptionally bad behavior. The employee must then prove that the employer’s actions were intentional resulting in the employee’s injuries.


According to the state and federal laws, employers are not allowed to engage in brutal behaviors. Such behaviors can include termination, demotion, unfair disciplinary actions, and isolation from other employees or even using threatening statements. In such cases, the employee has full authority to sue the employer.

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Those employees who are suffering from discrimination based on either from where they belong, their religion, their gender, any disability or their age are definitely entitled to file a lawsuit against their employer.

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