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Packaging is the process of blocking and protecting food products in order to distribute, store, sell or use them. It also refers to the design, evaluation and production of food packages. Packaging a food product can provide you protection, resistance from tampering, special physical, chemical or biological needs. It also includes a nutritional facts label along with other information about the food being offered for sale.

Different Types of Packaging Materials Done Electronically

Food manufacturers in Thailand, have a variety of packaging options that they can choose from to place their food products in the market. Since, the prices of raw materials are rising very frequently, people have started to change their eating habits and have become more environmentally aware. Due to this, the requirements of packaging the foods, which nowadays need to be not only trend setting but also contemporary, are also changing. The people there, are now adopting modern packaging ideas to provide exceptional protection for the foods they contain, that are flexible, convenient to use and at the end of the day, cost effective.

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Sheet metal

Punched and composed sheet metal is one of the oldest and rarest types of electronic packaging. It can be unchangeably very strong, which can provide electromagnetically shielding when required, and can be easily be made for standard and small production of foods with fewer expenses.

Machined Metal

Some of the electronic packages are made by assembling solid blocks of metal, often aluminum, into multiple shapes. Though these quantities tend to be small, but most of the times only one custom design is required. The price of such packaged food products per piece is high but the price of traditional designing is very little or no cost at all.

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Normally potting consists of soaking the product or assembling in a liquid paste and then restoring it. This is either done in a pre-molded potting shell or directly in a mold. Today, it is mostly used to protect thermal resistor elements from moisture and automatic damage and to serve as an arrangement holding the top frame and the chip together. Atmospheric pressure breaks down the outer space and forces the liquid paste into all the internal spaces. Vacuum potting works the best with the liquid paste that cures by the chemical changes other than solid evaporation.

Glass Cases

Glass cases are an essential element of the construction of vacuum tubes, electric discharge tubes, blazing light bulbs, marker switches, forced tight glass windows in metal cases and metal or porcelain packages of electronic factors. If properly done, the glass cases need to follow 2 procedures. At first, the molted glass has to be capable of wetting the metal so that a tight bond is formed. Secondly, the thermic expansion of the glass and metal has to be matched to ensure that the seal remains solid.

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating is like a thin cushion coating that can be applied by various methods maintaining the mechanical and chemical protection of delicate components. It is often used on products that are produced on a large scale such as axial-lead resistors, and sometimes on circuit boards that are printed. You also need to remember, to hire the Thai Packaging Quality Translation Services, before starting a new business in Thailand.