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According to a report of October 2015, the number of approved clinical trials in Russia is on the rise with an increase of about 13%. Near the end of the year, the country’s Ministry of health gave consent for starting over 200 clinical trials of all types; Russian Certified Clinical Trials Translation Services can be utilized for obtaining detailed information about them.


For several years, Russia has maintained a popular position in the area of clinical research. The reason behind this is the compatible structure of its healthcare system that allows maximum recruitment and retention of patients.

Russia has plentiful sites for research projects that are licensed for good medical practices. At the same time patients costs also tend to be 60-70% lower as compared to countries of Europe and United States. Take a closer look at thriving Russian medical industry with the help of Medical Documents Translation Services.

At the start of the year 2015, medical organizations from 21 regions around the world sponsored clinical trials in Russia. Second to local investors, U.S sponsors accounted for the most by undertaking 24 new researches.

Many of the new clinical studies that were commenced focused on subjects of neurology, blood circulation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

If you wish to invest in clinical trials of Russia or want to start your own research in the premises, then look up information about their clinical trial procedures. For conversion of Russian documents in your own language you shall apply Document Translation Services or Russian Clinical Trials Translation Services.

A transformation in medical law took place in Russia by 2012 that solved many problems for pharmaceutical companies. Beforehand, getting approval for conducting clinical trials was a tiring and lengthy process. Moreover duties imposed on imported medicines used in clinical studies have also been reduced significantly.

At present, a clinical investigation is being carried out in Russia regarding treatment of asthmatic patients below the age of 12; both male and female. The pharmaceutical product on trial is “DULERA” that is a pressurized metered-dose inhaler. Recruitment for these trials is active in several cities including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Tomsk.

Many international drug manufacturers are frequently going to Russia for conducting their drug trials because of the remarkable response from local participants. Other than that the country has proved to produce very high quality and efficient data in its projects. You can analyze data of local trials through Russian Clinical Trials Translation, to get a clearer picture.

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Russia may be recognized as an up-and-coming market in the field of clinical research, but it is actually doing better than countries like Brazil, China and India. News is that the Russian pharmaceutical market is expected to reach a value of over 25 billion dollars annually by the year 2018.

The Russian government has established a policy called ‘Pharma 2020’ to encourage local manufacturing of pharmaceuticals rather than importing. The goal is that by 2020, seventy percent of drugs available in the Russian market will be products of local companies; this will reduce opportunities for overseas organizations.