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Health insurance companies help reduce the burden of medical expenses that may occur in routine or at unexpected times. They offer several types of coverage plans and alternate arrangements for their payment.

When it’s time for paying medical bills, claims are forwarded to insurance companies to receive payment. To learn about insurance claims of a specific country like Azerbaijan, you can use Azeri Medical Document Translation Services for obtaining information in another language.


It is best to opt for professional Translation and Interpreting Services for conversion of such official documentation. In case you are taking health insurance from a foreign company, ask for Interpreter Services in order to avoid any miscommunication. Suppose you are French and the insurance provider is Azeri, demand Azeri Medical Claims Translation for your convenience.

Most insurance companies take an annual or monthly installment from clients that can be called a subscription fee or registration fee. Insurance providers have a monetary limit (allowable amount); if a medical bill exceeds it, the patient will be responsible to pay the additional expense.

For example if a medical procedure costs $100 and the allowable amount is only $80, the patient will pay the remaining $20. Other options include ‘co-pay’ and ‘co-insurance. If a patient has agreed to $50 co-pay, the insurance company will only play amount beyond $50. Hence, both the patient and insurance provider will pay $50 each in this situation.

In co-insurance policy, the bill is divided by percentages between the patient and insurance provider. Suppose the cost of a medical procedure is $1000 and the patient has 75-25 co-insurance; here the patient will pay $250 (25% of the bill) and the insurance company will pay $750 (75% of the bill).

Insurance Claim Process

The insurance claim process starts when a medical facility treats a patient and sends the bill to the insurance company. The claim is granted after assessment if it stands valid to the terms of agreement. The individuals in charge of medical billing at an organization will record your data, prepare the claim and send it to the insurance provider.

Medical claim forms can be filled manually (on paper) or electronically (on computer). Most institutions prefer electronic system as it more reliable, faster and cheaper.

Take note that subscription to health insurance does not guarantee that all your hospital expenses will be covered through it. It is possible that an insurance company may deny or reject your medical claims.

When a claim is denied, it means that the insurance company evaluated it and determined it invalid for payment. You can appeal for your denied claim to be reconsidered if you believe there has been a mistake. When a claim is rejected it means that it has not been assessed due to some error in the information provided; here you will correct it and re-submit the claim.

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