Labelling a food package shows a variety of information about the nutritional value of the food that is inside. A label usually includes a serving size, calorie count, content of fat and the amount of nutrients that are available in every single serving. This information not only helps people who are diet conscious but also, those who want to gain weight by eating healthy foods.


So, whenever, you want to label your products, you need to keep in mind those people who cannot read and understand the English language. A lot of other companies use different translation services, such as Albanian Labelling Translation services. These services will be able to translate the label of your products into different languages thus making it easy for your clients to read and understand it.

For people who are new here, there are a lot of things you need to know about labelling. Similarly, you also need to know why labelling is done and what are the laws you need to comply in regards to labelling.

Why Is Labelling Done

Scientifically, it is very difficult to define a natural food product. Food labelling makes it easier for you to make healthy and better choices about the foods you buy and eat. Nutritional information given on the label can also help your clients to encourage a balanced diet. This can help your customers have a better understanding of the nutritional value and also making comparison between similar products.

In addition to that, the nutritional value on the food labels can encourage you to improve the nutrient profile of your product. If you want to attract more potential customers, hire the best translation services, because they are not only cost effective but also provide the best quality services. Don’t go for the Cheap Translation Services reason being they will not be able to give proper service hence, destroy the reputation of your company.

Laws Regarding Labelling

Since labels are added to inform your customers about the nutritional value of the product, no such restrictions exist that prevent you from providing additional information. There are certain laws that pertain to labelling.  For example, you can add instructions on how to cool and serve the packaged food.

Although, there are no laws that can force you to name the country of origin of the product, but most of the customers prefer to purchase goods from certain countries. Therefore, this addition on the label will certainly be very helpful thus, increasing your potential sales. Try to use good Language Translation Services, that will help you to decide what is need to be added in the label and what needs to be removed.

How to Label Your Product?

Package and label your product in such a way that will make it attractive and appealing for the consumer. There are several things you need to keep in mind while labelling your product:

  • Quantity or size
  • Price
  • Ingredients
  • Expiration date

Online translation services are very easily available because they can translate the details of your product in different languages so you can target more potential consumers. If you are launching your product in Albania, then, you can use the Albanian Labelling Translation.