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Are you planning to buy medical equipment for your hospital or clinic and having trouble in the process due to lack of experience? Well then you have come to the right place. First of all, you need to be familiar with the basic types of equipment that are available in the market:

  • Diagnostic equipment – thermometers, stethoscopes, X-ray and MRI machines etc.
  • Therapeutic equipment – ultrasound, laser machines etc.
  • Surgical instruments – cutting instruments, forceps, needles etc.
  • Durable medical equipment – hospital beds, wheelchairs, nebulizers etc.
  • Life support machines – medical ventilators, dialysis machine etc.

Many hospitals import their medical equipment from other countries because of unavailability in their own region. Different countries specialize in manufacturing specific types of medical equipment and their brand names are popular worldwide. Hence, one may purchase medical equipment from a foreign company due to the quality they deliver.


Every piece of medical equipment comes with an instruction manual which is important for knowing how to operate it. However, in case of imported equipment, the manual is usually provided in the language of the manufacturing country. This is the time when you will need the services of a Certified Translation Company.

Say you’ve got your medical equipment shipped from Saudi Arabia and their instruction booklets are in Arabic. To solve this crisis, you will need Arabic Equipment Translation. Do not rely on computerized translation and only choose Quality Translation Services because incorrect translations could cause equipment failure or become a threat to human life!

Online Sellers and Liquidation Sales          

There are many online sellers who provide new and old medical equipment at competitive prices. You can also purchase or bid on items on websites like EBay. Conduct an online search for the particular type of equipment you need and check out multiple sellers so that you can compare prices, and get the best deals.

Many medical equipment providers have liquidation sales where they provide huge discounts on second hand materials. They post ads in newspapers and on social media; do look out for such opportunities. There are also many medical facilities that sell their old equipment if they are shutting down, relocating or wish to bring in the latest technology. These are ideal options if your budget is low.

However, make sure that any used medical equipment you purchase is in good working condition. When buying items online always ask for pictorial evidence to get a good idea of the product on sale. Never pay beforehand and keep a keen eye for any damages, marks or scratches.

Another major problem with old equipment is that they often exclude instruction manuals. It is likely that the previous owner lost or misplaced it. Not to worry, because you can always search for manuals online with the model number and make of your medical equipment. Then again the manual you acquire may be in a foreign language!

That is another issue that can easily be resolved through Affordable Medical and Healthcare Translation Services. For example, if you have purchased second hand medical equipment that was manufactured in Saudi Arabia, you will first seek the manual and then get the Arabic context translated through Arabic Translation services.