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Patient information forms are mandatory and very important particularly when admitting a new patient into your hospital or medical institution. There are different types of Patient information forms such as:

  • Patient registration form
  • Medical history form
  • General consent form
  • Medical records request form
  • Insurance information form

All kinds of forms including must be separately available at your institution at all times and be provided where relevant. If your institution deals with overseas patients, then it is professional to get your forms translated to their designated language through Translation Document Services.

For instance, if your organization resides in Saudi Arabia and you deal with a lot of patients from European countries then you should get Arabic Patient Information Forms Translation to make your forms available in their respective languages.


Dos and Don’ts

Make Patient information forms clear-cut and easy to understand; do not use big words or complex sentences. Print on standard A4 size papers that are clean and of good quality. The paper shall not split easily and be free of stains; to avoid this store them in a clean dry place. Your forms shall appear as first hand copies instead of a copy of a copy of another copy.

Make the text dark and prominent; set it in standard font size. People easily get frustrated by text that is too small and requires much effort to read. If you photocopy your forms, make sure your copy machine does not blur or over-write the text.

Moreover, the document should be justified and aligned; don’t let the context wander to one side due to a copying error. If text is cut off or missing, your patient will not be able to respond correctly in the required fields. Do leave sufficient space for the patient to write in so that he/she does not have to squeeze in their words one way or another.

If your patient is abroad and needs to fill in a form beforehand, it is smart to send them a computerized or digital form. A digital form is preferred by most people who find it tiring to fill out forms by hand. It will also be a huge convenience to you where a patient’s handwriting is untidy or difficult to identify with.

Since its Christmas, make your patient forms welcoming with some holiday decorations. Add a colorful border of candy canes or Christmas trees; if you’re in charge of a children hospital, you may use a cartoon of Santa at the corner with a dialog box saying “Ho Ho” or something more creative. Use other popular holiday phrases in different languages with the help of Human translation.

Don’t make your forms too lengthy, try to limit it to one page. Otherwise, it will become a drag or a nuisance to your patient. Always be to the point and avoid asking for unnecessary details.

Get your forms translated in multiple languages to attract clients from other parts of the world. For example, if you’re Arabic, contact a professional Arabic Patient Information Forms Translation service and enable distribution of your patient information forms everywhere.